You Say It, I Play It

Mads Electric Guitar

The guitar is my tool for typing emotions onto the air and making them known in a language that is universally understood, universally ambiguous, universally flawed, but unmistakably, vitally real. It is also a bunch of wood laden with paint, screws and strings. Making this inanimate instrument musical is the most fantastical and challenging journey of my life; I would not have it any other way. Whether the genre is reggae or rock, blues or bluegrass, country or classical, pop or punk, folk or funk – or just plain old jubilant jazz, I love exploring different musical spaces in all sorts of places and with all sorts of people, whether in or out of the country. Where the music leads, I follow.

At the time of writing, I am 27 years of age, living in Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark, studying English Literature and Translation, making ends meet by teaching private lessons and playing gigs around this and other countries with various artists. Each of them is different. Each genre is played differently. Each song creates its own little emotive or discursive universe.
I play, so that through every song, I may say something; contribute to the conversation that the music wants me to engage in. I play, sing and perform, so that someone out there can feel touched by the sound reverberating through the air.

Mads singing

I want every musical moment to feel special; what I’d most like to do is actually to make you forget that I am playing. What I want to do is talk to you through my guitar, its voice and the music within. At any given time, I will have a handful of projects on my plate. Most months see me having several concerts, performances, as well as the occasional recording session.
I thrive by playing under diverse palates, persons and practices, but I also love immersing myself in a singular, tangible task, such as the recording of an album – or even a single song.

Mads Smiling

Regardless of the style,
I will compliment it.
Regardless of the role,
I will fulfill it.
Regardless of the music,
I will express it.
Regardless of the song,
I will bear it.
My motto remains forever
crystal clear,
Whether you have abstract or specific ear,
That when the music plays,
I will hear it.
You say it.
I play it.Sincerely,
Mads Bolding